Website Builder

Build your personal or business website with a click

Going online is incredibly easy with the Free Of Charge Site Creator built into your Web Site Control Panel. All you need to do is select a theme from our selection of over one hundred personal and business website templates and after that upload your site content (pictures, text, etcetera) with one click. In order to take your site online, just click the Publish button. It is that simple. You may use the builder for all the domain names within your hosting account.

Website Installer

Publish your new website with a simple mouse click

Creating a brand new site can be a tough and pricey task. But we, at Value Hosting, have done the hard work for you – you can now create your website by using a ready–to–use web site theme with just a click. It’s very easy – all you need to do is just specify the type of your new website – business or personal, and select a layout that you want. Our platform will deal with all the rest and will send you your login info so that you can begin working on your website without delay.

Web App Installer

A one–click Web Apps Installer with 40+ PHP scripts

In the Web Site Control Panel you will find a fast, 1–click Web App Installer tool, through which you can install over 40 free–of–charge PHP scripts. It will help you put your online blog, discussion board, online photo gallery or e–store online within seconds. Just choose your preferred web application, specify some details and push the Install button. That’s it! The system will carry out the installation on your behalf within seconds. Absolutely no program code to write, no software deal with.

True Cloud Platform

We’ve created our very own custom–made cloud web hosting system based on the latest enterprise–class technology. With every service (DNSs, e–mail messages, databases, web apps, etc.) handled by a separate hosting server, your web site content will operate in the cloud and will be completely secured against unexpected network downtimes and service disruptions.

Scripting Support

Full scripting support with each of our hosting packs

All our cloud web hosting plans offer scripting support. You can use any PHP or Python–driven application and make use of over three thousand and four hundred Perl modules supported by our Linux–based hosting servers. Also, you will be able to work with MySQL as well as PgSQL databases and utilize the InnoDB database engine offered by every single cloud hosting pack. GD Library, Zend Optimizer, SSI and ImageMagick are supported too.

Service Scalability

A cloud hosting service that grows more and more powerful with your site’s demands

Our custom–built cloud web hosting system allows for your web sites to grow just as much as you’d like. Scalability is assured simply because all services are taken care of by a couple of servers rather than one. In this way, you’ll be able to use as many of the allocated web hosting resources as you like but you’ll never be affected by server overload issues or sluggish routine maintenance tasks. Furthermore, you can upgrade your hosting plan with extra features or even upgrade to a more advanced web hosting package if you wish.

Solid–State Drives

Immediately increase the loading speed of your site

In case you would like to give your web site a performance boost, all you need to do is just to host it with us. All our cloud web hosting machines sport solid–state drives, so on every single server you’ll take advantage of unrivalled read/write speeds, which will make your web site blazing–fast.

Thanks to the excellent Internet connectivity offered by all our cloud hosting Datacenter Facilities, your website will begin to open so much faster without the need for any additional modifications from you.

Faster Performance

We’ve increased the digital bandwidth to some 10 gigabits per second to ensure enhanced online connectivity and astonishingly fast loading speeds for your web sites.

Additional machines will simplify routine server maintenance duties and will reduce aggravating service disturbances and network outages. In addition, all user accounts are now located on solid–state drives, that have proved to be significantly faster and much more dependable than the regular hard disks.

Domain Manager

Multi–domain name administration done right

With the Value Hosting Web Site Control Panel, you will no longer be limited to host just 1 domain name. You can manage 1 or 100 domain names in an indentical easy and simple intuitive way. We’ve also included some other handy tools, that will enable you to park, redirect and WHOIS–protect your domains as well as to set custom DNS entries. Having each one of these domain name management options in a single location will spare you lots of time and energy.

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